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Zoom is innovating for growth beyond the pandemic !

Zoom Video Communication Inc (ZM) has added a new feature called Kiosk Mode as part of its Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms unlike the standard Zoom service is used in conference rooms. What the Kiosk Mode does is allows a receptionist or front office staff to automatically unlock the office doors or conference rooms for visitors thus allowing them to enter the relevant meeting rooms for physical conferences or meetings. The receptionist does not have to be physically present due to the fact the software allows this function to take place through a monitor w camera and speaker connectivity. Thus, allowing large cooperations to use less number of receptionists in their Organization. This feature is available for USD499 per year per room . 

Zoom is also working currently on adding Android & IOS connectivity to Zoom

Rooms so employees don’t have to physically touch a common device to operate . This to be followed by Amazon’s Alexa connectivity . 

The company continues to innovate for the future where a hybrid of physical & work from home implementation is expected to continue in many cooperations . This will also allow for lower head counts as more meeting & presentation functions are done remotely with the use of virtual employees. 

Although Zoom’s hyper growth will slow in the coming year, analyst are expecting a 300% annualised revenue growth for the  Jan 31st quarter . Zoom shares closed 6.5% higher last week with Friday’s closing at 433.11. The stock price has come off its October highs of 568.00 as vaccination roll out allow more companies to eventually conduct meetings physically. Zoom is still a good buy for the medium term provided we see some consolidation to a price range of 380.00 to 390.00 in the coming weeks and a trend of continuous innovation in the coming months . 

ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS INC (ZM)|NYSE ARCA|USD433.11|Feb 12th Closing - Medium to Long Term Investment

Check out this video on Zoom's virtual capabilities for hybrid work environment.

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