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What healthcare stocks to look at beyond the pandemic ?

As larger part of the population gets inoculated and Covid-19 cases start to dip in the second half of the year, the number of people hospitalised due to Covid-19 will also drop drastically. This will enable doctors

to carry out elective procedures that have been postponed. Here are some companies in the healthcare industry that will see a rise in demand.

STRYKER CORP(SYK)|NASDAQ|238.78|Feb 5th Closing - Medium to Long Term Investment

Stryker is the world's leading medical technology company with its key focus in 3 segments ; Orthopedic , Medical & Surgical, Neurotechnology & Spine. From reconstructive implants to surgical navigations systems to parts for open skull surgical procedures, this medical tech supplier has seen almost a 30% rise in its stock price since November and despite the challenges faced due to priority given to covid cases and complications arising from covid , it still managed a 3.2% increase in revenues year on year basis.

TELEFEX INC (TFX)|NASDAQ|398.77|5th Feb Closing - Medium to Long Term Investment

Teleflex is a medical technology company that provide single-use devices mainly for vascular and urology diagnostics and therapeutic procedures. In January the stock received an upgrade from some analyst and the indicated price target of 440.00. This stock may see a rise in price before its next earnings report on 18th February.

NEXTGEN HEALTHCARE INC (NXGN)|NASDAQ|19.99|5th Feb Closing - Medium to Long Term Investment

NXGN is a medi-tech company that provides software solutions and services in ambulatory healthcare, focusing on Nextgen Electronic Healthcare Records and Practice Management to medical and dental practitioners. The pandemic has accelerated the need for healthcare information systems particularly in the areas of real-time clinical and administrative data. NXGN enables this with their software solutions. Although most analyst have given a hold rating for this stock, we believe that this stock provides a relatively cheaper entry point and a more diversified option if you are deciding to invest in the healthcare industry for a medium to long term.

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